Internships abroad - funding opportunities for doctoral students

Short-term and occasional opportunities

  • Czech National Agency for International Education and Research - Scholarship finder 
  • A*STAR – Agency for Science, Technology and Research - student research stays DSP (Research Attachment Program) in the field of biomedical, technical and technological sciences, IT, physics and related disciplines. Lenght of stay 1-2 years. Scholarship in the amout 2700 SDG/1 month, monthly accommodation allowance 600 SDG, one-time allowance for air transport 1500 SDG, one-time accommodation allowance 1000 SDG, one-time IT allowance 800 SDG, health insurance, conference support. Very good level of English is required. Application deadlines: May 15 and November 11.
  • DAAD Scholarship in the field of Green Hydrogen (GH2) for master's students, doctoral students and postdocs. Application deadline April 10, 2024 for master´s students via the link  Doctoral sutdents and postdocs can apply for the scholarship at any time during the year.
  • ESO Internship - the place of the internship is Germany or Chile, lenght of stay 6-12 months. Scholarship in the amount 2 500-3 000 EUR. The internship is suitable for students of master's and doctoral programs as well as scientists and engineers working in any of the following fields can apply: astronomy, astrophysics, software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics, controlling, optics, operational engineering, project management. Maximum age: 32 years.  Application deadline: April 26th, 2024.

Long-term, regular opportunities

Recommendations & Suggestions

  • apply for support in advance, it is very difficult to apply retrospectively,
  • internship abroad will allow you to get to know how it works elsewhere, force you to leave the comfort zone, improve your language skills, expand the overall view,
  • internship abroad is required by doctoral study regulations (see bellow), consider at least a 3-month stay
  • start planning your stay soon, include it in your Individual Study Plan,
  • ask your supervisor, department chief and experienced fellow students for an advice and help,
  • share your experience with your fellow students when you return.

Faculty regulations

Support & Useful links

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