Ing. Jan Neužil, Ph.D.

Senior Advanced R&D Engineer/Scientist at Honeywell International, Advanced Technology Europe

Ph.D. thesis: Distributed Signal Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks for Diagnostics, 2017
Branch of study: Measurement and Instrumentation
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Radislav Šmíd, Ph.D.

Where do you currently work and what is the scope of your work?

I work as a Principal Investigator & Project Manager in R&D projects focused on diagnostics and prognostics for aerospace applications. I am responsible for:

  • Projects planning, budget negotiations, resources allocation, risk management, technical lead and execution
  • Proposing and executing Proof of Concept studies to quickly identify path forward
  • Coordinating with multiple local and global stakeholders, e.g. upper management, technology portfolio managers, strategic marketing, human factors, experts and engineers in variety of technical domains (aerospace, engines, mechanical components, fuel controls, maintenance & services, connectivity, sensors)
  • Mentoring junior team members
  • Customers facing, seeking for R&D partners 

What has your doctoral studies given you for your current career?

PhD brought me an opportunity to become a scientist at Honeywell Advanced Technologies. At my current position I am directly applying variety of skills acquired during my doctoral study including deep technical background and ability to assess and apply even very theoretical work into real prototypes.

Where have you been during your doctoral studies and where have you been at postdoc?

Analog Devices International, Limerick, Ireland – Erasmus Internship

I was part of AMR magnetometer devices development responsible for designing and evaluating of testing procedures of magnetometer prototype devices including hardware prototyping, control software development and measurement evaluation.

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