Daria Miliaieva, Ph.D.

Postdoc researcher, the Czech Academy of Sciences

Dissertation Thesis: Assembly and optoelectronic properties of nanodiamond-dye composites, 2019
Programme: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Branch of study: Electrotechnology and Materials
Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Bohuslav Rezek, Ph.D.

Where do you currently work and what is the scope of your work?

I work as a postdoc researcher in the Czech Academy of Sciences and reveal fundamental properties of nanodiamond using multiple physical-chemical methods. Application-wise, testing the hypothesis of nanodiamond incorporation in the solar cells.

What has your doctoral studies given you for your current career?

Doctoral study were crucial for my current and upcoming professional state. Due to the exposure to many different experimental techniques, literature search and multiple professional discussions with supervisor and colleagues one determines his favorite topic to devote his research skill to. For me it appeared to be photovoltaics. What is even more important and global, my supervisor taught me to look at the research from the creative angle as if  “making a story”. It turned out to be fun and pleasant (although sometimes very challenging) to fuse imagination, logic, nature’s laws and up-to-date knowledge to create research topics, materials and experimental methods.

Where have you been during your doctoral studies and where have you been at postdoc?

I visited many international conferences and stayed for 3 months in Southampton (England) laboratory, which was a nice share of knowledge and broadening of the professional network.

Za obsah odpovídá: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.