Ing. David Hurych, Ph.D.

Rresearch scientist, Valeo

Dissertation Thesis: Linear Predictors for Real-time Object Tracking and Detection, 2014
Programme: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Branch of study: Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.
Supervisor-specialist: doc. Ing. Karel Zimermann, Ph.D


Where do you currently work and what is the scope of your work?

I work as a Research Scientist in team in Valeo company. Our company is a Tier 1 supplier to all car manufacturers in the world. My work is to perform research in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and tackle research problems related to autonomous driving. My main topics are generative models for controlled data augmentation, domain transfer, self-supervised and privileged information learning in images and laser data.

What has your doctoral studies given you for your current career?

Doctoral study gave me an excellent base for my current work. It forced me to focus on learning the latest state of the art methods and to understand their limits in a fast evolving domain. Also I quickly found out that I will keep learning my whole life in order to keep my expertise valid. It trained me to study people's statements deeply to understand the root causes. Not only statements, but also people's motivations and character. Last but not least it allowed me to work in an environment where you are required to be creative and innovative. Thanks to gaining specific expertise I can remain creative and innovative in my daily work in industry and I consider this to be a privilege.

Where have you been during your doctoral studies and where have you been at postdoc?

During my studies I was on a three-months internship in Japan at the National Institute of Informatics in the center of Tokyo. I was presenting our work on various workshops and conferences in countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Austria, Portugal, France and Japan for a second time. I did not continue as a postdoc at any university. I directly joined Valeo, because I wanted to try to deploy AI in real products.

Za obsah odpovídá: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.