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BE4B39VGO Creating graphic content
Roles:P, PV, PS, PZ Extent of teaching:2P+2C+8D
Department:13139 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:Čmolík L. Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:Čmolík L. Credits:6
Tutors:Čmolík L. Semester:Z

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The aim of this course is to provide theory behind geometric modeling and modeling of materials, give students an overview of methods used in the process of creating 2D and 3D graphics and how to apply those methods in praxis. At the seminars, students will learn how to design and create three-dimensional scene, create and apply textures imitating materials (e.g., wall finishes, wood, sky) and geometrical details, and position and set-up lights in the scene.

Study targets:

The aim of this course is to give to students an overview of methods to create 2D and 3D graphics content and how to apply those methods in praxis.

Course outlines:

1. Polygonal representation of 2D and 3D objects.
2. Polygonal modeling of 3D objects
3. Polynomial representation and modeling of 2D objects with Beziér curves
4. Polynomial representation and modeling of 2D objects with B-spline curves
5. Polynomial representation and modeling of 3D objects
6. Subdivision surfaces and other 3D modeling techniques
7. Color perception and representation
8. Light, color, and materials in 3D modeling
9. Representing materials with textures
10. 2D raster graphics
11. Operations with raster images
12. Levels of detail
13. Procedural modeling of 2D and 3D objects
14. Reserve

Exercises outline:

1. Introduction to the course, mathematics for computer graphics
2. Introduction to the 3D modeling software
3. Using primitive objects and modifiers to block 3D object
4. Free-form modeling of 3D object
5. Free-form modeling of 3D object
6. Sculpting a 3D object
7. 1st test
8. Materials of 3D models
9. Texturing of 3D models
10. Texture painting and texture baking
11. Image composition
12. Levels of detail
13. 2nd test
14. Credits


[1] S. Marschner and P. Shirley, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 4th edition, CRC Press, 2016.
[2] Jiří Žára, Bedřich Beneš, Jiří Sochor, Petr Felkel. Moderní počítačová grafika, 2. vydání. Computer Press, 2005.
[3] I. Kerlow, Mistrovství 3D animace, Computer Press, 2011.




Computer graphics, 2D and 3D modeling

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BPOI_BO_2018 Common courses PV
BPOI4_2018 Computer Games and Graphics PV
BPOI3_2018 Software PV
BPOI2_2018 Internet of Things PV
BPOI1_2018 Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science PV
BPSIT_2021 Common courses PS 3
BPSIT2_2021 Technologie pro multimédia a virtuální realitu PS 3
BPOI4_2018 Computer Games and Graphics PZ 5
BPOI1_2016 Computer and Information Science P
BPOI_BO_2016 Common courses P
BPOI4_2016 Computer Games and Graphics P
BPOI3_2016 Software P
BPOI2_2016 Internet of Things P

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