General Information

General Informations

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is actively involved in international cooperation in science and teaching. Political criteria for selecting participants to travel abroad has been abolished. The only conditions for international activities are the interests of partners abroad in cooperating, participants' adequate knowledge of foreign languages and, of course, funding. Faculty members involved in various projects supported by Czech or foreign (mostly EU) grant agencies are better placed in this respect than those not working on such a project.

Our international cooperation is positively influenced not only by good international reputation of our university, but also by the location of our faculty. Prague is an extraordinarily attractive place for partners from Europe as well as from overseas.

We do not force departments of the faculty into international cooperation. Their activities are motivated by their own interests and possibilities. CTU has signed cooperation agreements with many universities and other university level institutions. A special university fund has been set up to support travel to these partners.

Foreign students studying in Prague and our students studying abroad form an important aspect of our international activities.

Mobility of Czech Students

Nowadays, Czech students of FEE CTU have the possibility to study abroad. There are many opportunities, not all of which are taken advantage of. The faculty computer net is used to inform students about these possibilities. There are several reasons why the opportunities may not be taken up. Tuition fees and living expenses are often beyond the means of our students (even if in many cases scholarships are offered). In other cases, insufficient language skills are the biggest obstacle.

At this moment, we want to see improvements in German, French and Italian language skills of our current students in order to collaborate with our partners. The proficiency in English language is clear to our students, but in order to have more opportunities for the students to study abroad, excellent skills in German, French and Italian languages play a big role as well. As a matter of fact, this enables us to collaborate with more of our partners and both sides can have enormous benefits. 

Exchange of students in the framework of our cooperation agreements takes place not only within Europe, but also with the USA. At present we have active exchanges with Kansas State University, Union College of Schenectady and Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Further Information

Detailed information about the activities of individual departments and their teachers can be seen on department WWW pages accessible from this faculty WWW page. This enables you to make direct contact with the teacher you would like to cooperate with or whose course you would like to attend.

Complete information about the courses offered by all CTU faculties in English can be found on the CTU Prospectus, available both in paper form and on WWW (in a more detailed form on WWW, including not only courses offered in English but the complete set of courses taught at our faculty).

Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk