Faculty sponsors

The donation agreement patterns: Financial support, Material support

Faculty would like to express its gratitude to all donors, whose generous financial donations have lead towards scientific and educational development


Sponsor The purpose of the present

Texas Instruments In

The financial donation for project Magnetic Field Mapping with Fluxgates


The financial donation for Lukáš Neumann in his PhD studies

Gaben, Spol. s r. o.

The financial donation for development and research activities in the department of telecommunication engineering

Vodafone Ceska republika Foundation

The financial donation to create aplication for mobile phones.

Honeywell International

The financial donation for development of research activities at CTU in the department of Control engineering

E.On Ceska Republika

Financial donation to support our students on their RUPEC study tours and to develop research and laboratories at K13115.

Honeywell International

Financial donation to support research capacities at CTU – Department of Control Engineering

IBM Corporation

Financial donation - PhD Fellowship Award for Jan Stanek-K13132

IBM Tj.Watson Resear

Financial donation - IBM Faculty Award in recognition of prof.Sedivy achievement

Telab Sp.Z.O.O.

Financial donation of research activities in the Physics department.

CFA ISEP Enterprises

Financial donation for summer school at CTU 24.6.-19.7.2013

Avast Foundation

Financial donation – Foundation donation to support the studies in OI programme

Adobe Systems, Inc

Financial donation for research activities.

IBM Ceska Republika,

Financial donation for support of realisation training project in Centre for Knowledge Management


Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk