Lifelong Learning Courses

Lifelong learning courses include the courses (to see a list and to check if they have been listed in the given semester, click on the respective academic year, choose the FEE and then choose the respective semester) which are taught in the given accredited study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the winter or summer semester. Applications (contracts) for these courses are accepted in the first and second week of each semester by the study department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU, Technická 2, 160 00 Praha (Ms. Daniela Svobodová,, phone 22435 3915).

Application submission procedure for all individual courses included in lifelong learning:

  1. choose the courses taught by the FEE, which you would like to study (only the courses which were announced may be enrolled in the respective semester)
  2. fill out the contract
  3. in the first week of the semester, second at latest, turn in your application including all the attachments at the study department
  4. payment shall be made in a non-cash way through the payment gateway within 24 hours from the date of the registration of the contract at the FEE study department; if the payment is not made in time, the contract will expire.

The fee for the course is derived from the number of allocated credits. Each credit is calculated to the amount of:

  • 2 000 for being taught in the English language.

Next, the departments may list other lifelong learning courses, the price of which is calculated individually. The faculty also opens courses customized to the client’s requirements.

Recognition of subjects from previous studies

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