After Your Studies

After the three-year Bachelor's programme, the Master's degree programme is the next logical step. As an electrical engineer graduate, you are qualified to take a range of attractive positions. It is also possible to become a researcher at the university or at a private research institute.

Job perspectives

Our faculty has one of the best reputations for graduate employment in the Czech Republic.  Annual higher education statistics show that our graduates have nearly 100% employment record.

Find out more about career prospects and our successful international graduates.

Working in the Czech Republic

If you wish to work in the Czech Republic after you have completed your degree, you should start planning ahead. Even though with a degree from the Czech Technical University, a wide ranges of job opportunities are available to you we would advise you to start job hunting at least six months before your graduation.  There might be a good chance of finding a job through the faculty.  Watch out for advertisements on the faculty´s noticeboard and check the job opportunities section regularly.

A couple of tips which will help you to get your career started in the Czech Republic:

Recommendation letter. Ask your professor, tutor or former employer to assess your qualities, characteristics, and capabilities. A good recommendation letter will help you to launch your career.

Placements and Internships. Work placements and internships give you the opportunity to develop the relevant skills and knowledge while getting life experience in a real working environment.

Speaking Czech. Although you won´t necessarily need to speak Czech  in many jobs in order to fulfil your tasks, it might be a great advantage for you to take a Czech language course while studying even though you do your entire degree in English at the university. A language skill will increase your chances of fast career advancement in almost every sector. As an international student you can learn Czech for free. Find out more about the courses.

Legal working conditions for foreign students

Students from the Eurozone who are seeking to work in the Czech Republic can apply for a job without the need for a work permit.  International students are allowed to work in the Czech Republic while they study – both on and off-campus. Nevertheless, as students from non-EU countries study upon long-term residence permit for the purposes of study, studying is the primary purpose of the stay. Thus, they are obliged to fulfil their scholar requirement first in order to work.

International students graduating from the Czech Technical University in Prague have no restrictions in obtaining a work permit in the Czech Republic. However, for those who are considering getting a full time job after graduating, we strongly advise you to start looking for a job before finishing university.

Useful contacts and links:

Association for Integration and Migration provide free legal, social and psychosocial counselling for foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

CTU career centre is a free career service which you can use to look for job vacancies. They will also help launching your career by advising you on how to update application documents and teach you interview techniques.

European Employment Services you can also use The European Job Mobility portal which will provide you not only with job advertisements in the Czech Republic but also with important information relating to your stay in the Czech Republic.

Another way of finding employment is to use the services of private personnel agencies. One of the best and most popular one is called LMC.

Job opportunities

Currently there are no job vacancies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague.

For further information, please contact Ing. Libuse Petrzilkova.

Companies can post internships and job vacancies to the following email.

Placements and Internships

Currently there are no possibilities to earn internships or work placements.

Work placements and internships give you the opportunity to develop relevant skills and knowledge and while getting life experience in a real working environment.