Interest and activities

International Student Club

Its vision is to create an international community at the Czech Technical University in Prague in order to integrate exchange students into life in the Czech Republic and into events at our university.

Students' union at CTU

It provides each student with means to organize events, have fun, travel, design, rest, learn and follow one’s dreams. Students' union at CTU is an organization offering a wide selection of various activities. It has an independent establishment, structure, rules and function and as it has been realized by lots of people with lots of interests. Each of its member can actively or passively participate in its functions and therefore, enjoy and live the student life to the fullest.


International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (I.A.E.S.T.E.) is an Association of National Committees representing Academic, Industrial and Student interests. It was founded in January 1948 at Imperial College, London, but the geographical coverage was soon to spread to most of Europe and beyond, as new countries were admitted to membership. Each member and cooperating institution is responsible for the administration of the exchange in its own country and is expected to pay students a wage sufficient to cover their cost of living during the actual training period.

The Institute of Physical Education and Sport

It was established in January 2007 in order to centralize all sports activities at CTU. In other words, e.g., providing all forms of regular term-time classes of Physical Education, providing and organizing winter and summer sports events, organizing once-off sports events for students and university staff, organizing the representation of CTU in national Academic Sports Championships, in the Czech University Games and in international sports events.

Silicon Hill Club

It is the largest club belonging to Students' Union at CTU, representing all students and providing enourmous amount of out-of-school activities. It resides on top of ‘Strahov’ hill, in the middle of student campus, where its members live. The Club built and is now administering local computer network (with the fastest connection to the Internet in Prague!) and also organizes various projects, lectures and workshops.

Audiovisual center for CTU students

This center is a non-profit organization of CTU students interested in creating and managing a complete multimedia studio. Their goal is to be able to film, record, create, edit, design and produce high quality output. The method they use to achieve the desired is also proven to be the best one: using modern technology and comprehensive knowledge

Audiovisual center SH

The shortcut ‘SH’ in a name of this audiovisual center stands for Silicon Hill, the club mentioned above. Thus, it is one of their projects; also situated on top of ‘Strahov’ hill, overlooking Prague. Its main activity is to build and manage a recording studio in order to produce high quality music recordings. On the way to get there is obtaining and maintaining various technologies – audio, video and lighting – as well as educating its members in those areas of expertise.

STOH – Board Games Club

As its name suggests, members of this club are interested in playing all kinds of board games, ranging from modern games like ‘Carcassonne’, ‘Settlers’ or ‘Bang’ to classical ones, like chess, backgammon or GO. They meet at the CTU campus on top of ‘Strahov’ hill three times a week. Every now or then, the Club’s members organize a tournament for everyone who wants to play. However, usually it’s just playing and discussing any of the games that the Club owns and on the top of it, you are most welcome to bring in your favorite game and teach the others how to play it.