Contractual partners

Contractual partners


ceps ČEPS, a.s. controls the operation of transmission system and system resources in the Czech Republic. Another mission is to ensure the international cooperation with interconnected network through power systems of neighboring countries.

Pražská energetika

PRE The PRE group based in Prague with 702 000 customers is the third largest supplier of electricity in the Czech Republic. Currently, the company employs almost 1300 employees. PRE group annually supplies to its customer about 6.3 TWh of electricity and in year 2008 had turnover 19 billion Czech crowns. The principal activities are focused to sales of electricity, trading in electricity, electricity distribution and complementary energy services.

Procter & Gamble

P&G Procter& Gamble is one of the most significant international company in field of consumer goods. Procter&Gamble Rakona is one of the largest production company in Europe focused in producing detergent. Significantly support the growth of export in the Czech Republic. Procter & Gamble is one of the best employers in the world for technical universities graduates. At CTU in Prague, the managers from Procter & Gamble Rakona lead the lectures of management skills. Currently, Procter & Gamble Rakona offers vacancies for technical majors students. Students may get new experience during their studies.

Zeppelin, Caterpillar

Phoenix Zeppelin may offer the complete solutions of energy systems in the area of the energy centers, fallback generators or marine engines. For the each component Zeppelin uses the products which are the world leaders in their fields and at the same time are meeting the specific requirements. In the most of the cases the cornerstones are the diesel or gas engines Caterpillar.

CEZ group

cezCEZ group is the most significant company in the Czech republic in areas of production, trade and distribution of electric and thermal energy. The parts of CEZ group are the other companies which are supporting and developing the main business. Also in terms of number of customers and the installed capacity is one of the 10 largest energy groups in Europe.

CEZ foundation

cezThe cooperation with CEZ Foundation. Support of electrotechnical education in the regions.

Co-operating companies


abbABB is a leading company in power and automation technology that enables utility, industry, transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies employs 145.000 people in 100 countries. ABB operates in the Czech Republic since 1970 and employs more than 3300 people in 8 locations.


Accenture is a leading company of professional services providing a large range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. It operates at the heart of the clients’ businesses, addressing their most complex needs. They serve more than 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and 94 of the Fortune Global 100 with 273.000 employees in 120 countries. Accenture operates in the Czech Republic since 1991 and in year 2001 opened a brand new office in Prague. Accenture employs more than 1700 people in the Czech Republic.


ČKD GROUP is a group of engineering and manufacturing companies, active in the segments of power generation, gas and oil, ecology and infrastructure. The main focus is on deliveries of full investment projects, technological nodes, individual supplies and provision of components for renewable energy, infrastructure, conventional power generation, transportation, oil and gas processing, environmental protection, chemistry and electrical engineering. Much attention goes to customer services associated with service, upgrades, spare parts and consultancy activities. Contemporary activities are supported by research and cooperation in development centers of universities, the Czech Academy of Sciences and other Czech as well as foreign research institutions.


IBM is the largest provider/producer of information technology services in the world. It has a long tradition in innovation technology. In collaboration with CTU-FEE, it significantly contributes to the project called UTEC (Exploration Center of the University of Technology), whose main goal is to connect theory with practice (practical teaching, access to the latest IT technologies, IBM programs, etc).

Microsoft CZ

MSMicrosoft is the world leader in software, services and solutions. Research center called Interoperability Lab is a collaboration between CTU-FEE and Microsoft. The laboratory is focused on connecting various technologies and systems, applied research and introducing knowledge into practice and into education. Interoperability Lab services include testing of concrete solutions and configurations, preparation procedures, instructions, recommendations as well as organizing seminars and trainings.

The main partner in the internet

Seznam is the provider for Czech internet portal with a catalog and search engine. It offers catalog of companies and websites, sports, automotive, real estate, news server, email, web-hosting and many other services.

Medial partners

ČRo - Rádio Leonardo

Rock Café

Sdělovací technika

Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk