What to pack for Prague

Almost everything you need can be bought in Prague. Compared to other European cities prices are considerably low and because Prague is a cosmopolitan city and people come and go all the time, you can find many quality second-hand shops and brick and brack shops around here!

Nevertheless, there are few things which might be good to pack to your suitcase! Don’t forget to bring:

Necessary documents and Money

  • tickets
  • Passport (is it still valid?)
  • visa (if needed)
  • letter of admission and other required documents relevant to your studies
  • credit card and some cash
  • insurance card and documentation


Czech Republic is a country of four seasons. Which is a nice thing to read but it also means that you might need a variety of clothing if you are coming for the whole year. It is good to be prepared for the season in which you are going to arrive too. Winter months (November to early March) can be very cold and frosty and the temperature may fall (and stay) below zero. So a warm jacket, hat and gloves could be an advantage. Spring and autumn is quite mild and summer can be very hot.

Other things

For the housing offered by the university you don’t need to bring your own bedding. You will also be provided with a hand towel, so we recommend bringing your own shower towel. You may also need an adaptor for electrical appliances (230 V). But as stated above: you can buy everything here and if you ever have any questions or doubts, ask us!