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Welcome to FEE!


For login to Study information system (KOS):

Where can I find my timetable?

Your timetable is generated according to your Learning Agreement. We did our best to avoid conflicts in your timetable, however some may appear - they are indicated by double row. You can also find it at
→ english → education → timetables → continue to this website → username + main access password → fel user's database → continue to this website → english → username or last name → then click search → below field click on the "student" in the table → at pop-up window enter username + main access password → your timetable

Where can I find timetable other subjects?

You can also find it at
→ english → education → timetables → continue to this website → username + main access password → subjects →choose department → click on active subject (non-active aren't available on this term) → subjects' timetable

Who is my Contact Person?

Otakar Vlček
Phone: (+420) 22435 2360

Where is the Study department?

Study department of FEE is in Dejvice, Technická street No. 2 on the ground floor on the left. There is "Studijní oddělení" written on the door.

When are the office hours?

The office hours are:

Monday 9 - 11.30 13 - 15
Tuesday - 13 - 15
Wednesday 9 - 11.30 13 - 15.30
Friday 9 - 11.30  


Where is the main building of FEE?

The main building of FEE is in Dejvice, Technická street No. 2.

How to get to the main building of FEE?

The main building of FEE is close to the subway station Dejvická (terminal station of green line A).
From airport: bus No. 119, bus stop Dejvická (terminal bus stop)
From main railway station (Hlavní nádraží): Take subway (red line C), at station Muzeum change for green line A, and get off at the station Dejvická (terminal station)
From Strahov dormitories: bus No. 143, bus stop Dejvická (terminal station)

Where is the Karlovo náměstí building ("Karlák")?

Department of Computers (courses with code starting XE36… or AE…36…)
Department of Cybernetics (XE33… or AE…33…)
and Department of Control Engineering (XE35… or AE…35…)
and all teaching rooms with code letter "K" are located in the Historical building of FEE at Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) 13, Praha 2.

How to get to the Karlovo náměstí building ("Karlák")?

From Dejvická: Take subway (green line A), at station Můstek change for yellow line B, then go to the station Karlovo náměstí
From Strahov dormitories: bus No. 176, bus stop Karlovo náměstí (terminal station)

When does Summer semester begin?

Summer semester begins on February, 17, 2014.

When my student book is full, where can I receive more pages?

You should go to the Rectorate to Mrs. Bílová. The extra pages will be attached to your old book.

Share your feedback

We would like to hear your opinion on courses you took at our university. For logging into our teaching evaluation questionnaire you use your main CTU username and password (the same as for KOS). Upon logging in you will be presented with a list of courses you took, waiting for your feedback. Note that while you do use your ID to log in, this information is not saved along with your responses, so your answers will be completely anonymous. We appreciate your time and effor, your opinion counts.

Who is Vice-Dean for foreign students?

It is prof. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, Ph.D.. Ms. Peřichová will arrange a meeting with him if you need it.

Can I get a scholarship?

Nikola Šohaj scholaships  for students from Ukraine