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A5M16FIP Corporate finance
Roles:PV Extent of teaching:3P+1C
Department:13116 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:Starý O., Vašíček J. Completion:KZ
Lecturers:Starý O., Vašíček J. Credits:4
Tutors:Kučerková B., Starý O., Vašíček J. Semester:L

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Principles of finance, present value and alternative cost of capital, financial calculus, long-term finance, valuation of bonds and stocks, investment decision and net present value, IRR, comparison time period, annual equivalent value, inflation and return, capital asset pricing model, portfolio, sensitivity analysis and risk, short term finance, cash flow management.Dividend policy.

Course outlines:

1. Introduction of finance, present value, opportunity cost
2. Anuity, perpetuity, compound and simple interests.
3. Long term finance. Stock and bonds prices
4. Investment efficiency evaluation techniques. IRR, NPV.
5. Complex financial evaluation.The comparison period, an equivalent annual value.
6. Decision making with NPV.
7. Inflation and tax influence on investment decision.
8. Projects are not a black box.
9. Capital assets pricing model.
10. Introduction to the theory
of portfolio.
11. Sensitivity and risk analysis.
12. Financial risk.
13. Short term financial plans and decison making.
14. Other financial problems.Reserve.

Exercises outline:

1. Introduction of spreadsheets use focused on financial
management. Financial calculus.
2. Loans. Kinds of interests calculation..Depreciation. Tax shield. Group project assignment.
3. NPV and IRR calculations. Mutually exclusive investments.Taxes, finance and NPV.
4. Comparison period. Complex projects.Bonds and stock prices. Model with constant growth.
5. Expected return and standard deviation of portfolio. Risk
free return.Market portfolio. Securities market line. Portfolio with maximal return
6. Reading of finacial news.
7. Test. Group project deadline.Project presentation.Assesment. Consultation.


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Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MPIBNEW Common courses PV 4
MPIB_2020 Common courses PV 4

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