Group of Subjects - 2021_MEKH - Humanities subjects

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Group: Humanities subjects
Min. credits: 0   Max. credits: 27   Min. subjects: 0 Role: V - elective courses
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
B0M16FIL Filozofie 2 2P+2S CS Z,ZK Z,L   5 Zamarovský P.   13116
B0M16HSD1 History of economy and social studies 2P+2S CS Z,ZK Z,L   5     13116
B0M16HVT History of science and technology 2 2P+2S CS Z,ZK Z,L   5 Efmertová M.   13116
B0M16PSM Psychology 2P+2S CS Z,ZK Z,L   5 Fiala J.   13116
B0M16TEO Theology 2P+2S CS Z,ZK Z,L   5 Slámečka V.   13116
A003TV Physical Education 0+2   Z L,Z   2     34101

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