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BE4MSVP Software or Research Project
Roles:P Extent of teaching:
Department:13000 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:  Completion:KZ
Lecturers:  Credits:6
Tutors:Sloup J., Šebek J., Žmolíková K. Semester:Z,L


Independent work on a problem under the guidance of an advisor. Usually but not mandatory, the problem being solved is a subproblem of approaching diploma thesis and the project advisor is the diploma thesis supervisor too. Therefore, we recommend choosing the topic of the diploma thesis at the beginning of the 3rd semester and not underestimating its timely selection. The topic of the project should be relevant to the major branch of the study. The software and research project course must have a clearly defined output, such as a technical report or a computer program. The output is defended, evaluated and graded. Important note: - By default, it is not possible to complete more than one subject of this type. - An exception may be granted by the guarantor of the major branch of the study. A possible reason for granting an exemption is that the work-project has a different topic and is led by another supervisor. A typical example is working on a project abroad. Note: The student enrolls in the course of SVP at the department of the supervisor. If the course does not list the course, then at the department 13139 (variant A4M39SVP). The contact email in case of further questions: More instructions for entering and elaborating the project can be found on the website of the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction http: //dcgi.felk.

Course outlines:

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Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MEOI7_2018 Artificial Intelligence P 3
MEOI9_2018 Data Science P 3
MEOI8_2018 Bioinformatics P 3
MEOI4_2018 Computer Engineering P 3
MEOI3_2018 Computer Graphics P 3
MEOI2_2018 Cyber Security P 3
MEOI1_2018 Human-Computer Interaction P 3
MEOI6_2018 Software Engineering P 3
MEOI5_2018 Computer Vision and Image Processing P 3

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