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B0M39ITT2 Applied Multimedia and Technology II
Roles:  Extent of teaching:0P+4L
Department:13139 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:Berka R. Completion:KZ
Lecturers:Berka R. Credits:6
Tutors:Berka R. Semester:L

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The course continues the course The Art of Intermedia and Technologies from the previous semester, which is organized in cooperation of Czech technical University in Prague and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The goal of the course is realization of student projects, designed in the previous semester, and presentation of the results in public. It is expected that students will apply knowledge given them during the course of ITT and also in therms of other courses passed during the previous study. The technical equipment of laboratory is accessible to students under conditions specified on start of the course. The actual information about the course are presented on website of Institute of intermedia see below.

Study targets:

The goal of the course is to improve possibilities of communication among students with different type of thinking. The contact of students from technical and art schools should lead to extension of students' view of the same problems or of the world surrounding us in general.


The course consists of workshops aimed at the realization of team projects proposed in previous ITT1 subject. The course ends by a public presentation of the projects.

Course outlines:

course does not have lectures

Exercises outline:

1. Introductory meeting on topics of the student projects
2. Experimental workshop
3. Project meeting
4. Technologies for intermedia projects - workshop
5. Project realization - workshop
6. Project state supervision meeting
7. Technologies for intermedia projects - workshop
8. Team work on project - realization
9. Excursion to school laboratories (ČVUT, AMU)
10. Team work on project - realization
11. Preparation of public presentation
12. Project meeting
13. Preparation of public presentation
14. Project presentation in public


Peter Lunenfeld: Hyperestetika: Teoria reálného času. V toku pohyblivých obrazov, Antologia textov o elektronickém a digitálním umění v kontexte vizuálnej kultury. VŠVU, Bratislava 2005. Jozef Kelemen: Kybergolem. Votobia, Olomouc 2001. Vilém Flusser: Do universa technických obrazů. OSVU, Praha 2001. Hakim Bey: Dočasná autonomní zóna. Tranzit, Praha 2004. Nicolas Bourriaud: Postprodukce. Tranzit, Praha 2004.


To pass course ITT1 recomended (B0B39ITT1/B0M39ITT1).


intermedia, light design, sound design, performance, installation, space, multimedia, virtual reality, MIDI, OSC, DMX, ArtNET, physical computing, Arduino, RaspBerry Pi

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