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XP37FOS Photonic Imaging Systems
Roles:S Extent of teaching:2P+2L+4D
Department:13137 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:Páta P. Completion:ZK
Lecturers:Páta P. Credits:4
Tutors:Páta P. Semester:Z


Image and its representation. Energetic image description. Principles of image acquisition, transferring and storing. Image entropy function, 2 dimensional autocorrelation curve and probability image description. Novel compression techniques. Image reproduction, matrix description. Light diffraction. 2D transfer functions - PSF, MTF, PSF, MTF of real imaging and detection systems. 2D transfer systems and their signal distortion, image aberration and their correction, toleration analysis of optical system. Receivers and transmitters for special application. Photonic processors, computers and memories.

Course outlines:

Exercises outline:


[1] Lambda Researech, Inc., TracePro , dokumentace
[2] B. Jahne, Image Processing for Scientific Applications, CRC, New York, 1997.
[3] J. W. Goodman, Introduction to Fourier Optics, 3rd edition, Roberts&Company Pub., 2005.


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DOKP Common courses S
DOKK Common courses S

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