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XP02SF Statistical Physics
Roles:S Extent of teaching:3P+1S
Department:13102 Language of teaching:
Guarantors:Kulhánek P. Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:Krpenský A., Kulhánek P. Credits:4
Tutors:Krpenský A., Kulhánek P. Semester:L

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The lecture is devoted to the fundamentals of statistical physics. It is the third part of four-part lecture cycle.

Study targets:

To became familiar with basics of the statistical physics according to the outline.


The lecture is devoted to the fundamentals of statistical physics. It is the third part of four-part lecture cycle.

Course outlines:

1. Basic principles: distribution function, mean value, mean quadratic fluctuation.
2. Liouvill theorem. Gibbs distributions.
3. Thermodynamic potentials: enthalpy, free energy, grandcanonical potential.
4. Chemical potential, entropy and probability.
5. Statistical distributions: Boltzmann and Maxwell distribution.
6. Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distribution.
7. Distributions behaviour and simple examples (black body radiation, ideal gas).
8. Metals, neutron stars.
9. Ferromagnetics a antiferromagnetics: Ising and Heisenberg model.
10. Superconductivity.
11. Degenerative fermion systems, boson condensation.
12. Monte Carlo methods. Metropolis method.
13. Nonequilibrium statistics, Boltzmann equation.
14. Momentum equation, transition to continuum.

Exercises outline:

thermodynamic potentials EOS - ideal gas other EOSs rotational and vibrational spectra Planck law, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Wien law EOS - fermion gas Monte Carlo calculation, various exapmles


1. P. Kulhánek: Vybrané kapitoly z teoretické fyziky, AGA 2017
2. E. M. Lifshitz, L. D. Landau. Course in theoretical Physics 5: Statistical Physics, Elsewier Science, 2003


Theoretical Physics 1


statistics, distribution, equation of state, grandcanonical system, canonical system, ergodic hypothesis, nonequilibrium statistics

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