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XP02EVA Physics for Electroenergetics
Roles:S Extent of teaching:3P
Department:13102 Language of teaching:
Guarantors:Kubeš P. Completion:ZK
Lecturers:Kubeš P. Credits:4
Tutors:Kubeš P. Semester:Z


Lessons contain selected parts of physics for students of electric power engineering: Physical principles of gas discharges - glow, arc, spark and corona discharges and their applications. The students become acquainted with characteristics for magnetized, astrophysical and fusion energy generation. A part of the course is two excursions in laboratories CTU and Czech Academy of Sciences.

Course outlines:

1. Introduction - importance of physics for technology.
2. Principles of hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics.
3. Organized structures, generation of magnetic fields, filamentary structures in plasma.
4. Properties of electric discharges - glow discharge, corona.
5. Electric spark and arc, lightning and ball lightning
6. Physics of high density of energy.
7. Controlled thermonuclear fusion.
8. Physics of Solar active regions

Exercises outline:

1. Diagnostics of the fusion plasma
2. Rise of the magnetic field of the Earth.
3. Measuring of electromagnetic spectrums.
4. Lightning, ball lightning.
5. Magnetic pinches, X-ray lasers.
6. Fusion reactors.
7. Excursion: power iodine laser PALS.
8. Excursion: tokamak COMPASS.


1. T.G.Cowling, M.A.Phil: Magnetohydrodynamics (Adam Hilger 1976)
2. Actual presentations of the lectures in pdf


Written work of selected topics.

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
DOKP Common courses S
DOKK Common courses S

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