Topics for the Final State Examination of the Bachelor Study Program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Compulsory courses (2 topics/questions):

Mathematics: Calculus1+2, Discrete Mathematics and Graphs, Linear Algebra, Differentical Equations and Numerical Methods, Probability and Statistics:

  1. Systems of linear equations: Theory, popular algorithms. (BE5B01LAL)
  2. Fundamentals of numerical mathematics. (BE5B01DEN)
  3. Linear ordinary differential equations and systems of linear ordinary differential equations. (BE5B01DEN)
  4. Cardinality of sets. Binary relations, operations modulo n. (BE5B01DMG)
  5. Foundations of Graph Theory. (BE5B01DMG)
  6. Probability distributions, the Bayes theorem, parameter estimates. (BE5B01PRS)

Physics: Physics 1+2

  1. Kinematics and dynamics of mass particles and rigid bodies. Equation of motion. (BE5B02PH1)
  2. Simple harmonic motion, damped and forced oscillations. (BE5B02PH1)
  3. Physical fields. Description of the field. (BE5B02PH1)
  4. Thermodynamics. Laws of thermodynamics. (BE5B02PH2)
  5. Fundamentals of waves theory. Geometrical and wave optics. (BE5B02PH2)

Electrical engineering and Computer Science (compulsory courses): Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits, Electron Devices, Microcontrollers, Programming Essentials, Algorithms:

  1. Laws, theorems, and methods for electrical circuit analysis. (BE5B31ZEO)
  2. Semiconductor physics, electron devices - principles, structures, characteristics, models and applications (BE5B34ELP)
  3. Essential analogue and digital electronics circuits. (BE5B34ELP)
  4. Embedded systems, microcontroller architecture, communication protocols, peripherals. (BE5B34MIK)
  5. Essential computer algorithms and related data structures. (BE5B33PGE, BE5B33PRG)

Specialization courses (1 topic/question based on courses passed):

  1. Electromagnetic field theory; forces and energy. (BE5B17EMT)
  2. Logic functions, logic gates and circuits, combinational and sequential circuits. (BE5B35LSP)
  3. Clasification of signals and systems, continuous and discrete time signals, time and frequency domain, modulation fundamentals, filters, convolution. (BE5B31TES)
  4. Rotating AC and DC machines, transformers, switching circuits. (BE5B14SP1)
  5. Materials for electrical engineering, conductive, semiconductive, insulating and magnetic properties. (BE5B13MVE)
  6. Power plants, distribution systems and networks. (BE5B15EN1, BE5B15EN2)
  7. Algorithms for state space search, data classification and learning from data. (BE5B33KUI, BE5B33RPZ)
  8. Computers and processors architectures, memory representation. (BE5B35APO)
  9. System analysis and control, feedback, stability. (BE5B35ARI)