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Prof. Jan Vobecký from FEE CTU was inducted into the ISPSD Hall of Fame. His research pushed the parameters of diodes and thyristors to the limit of physical possibilities

The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU for cooperation with industry and commercialization, Professor Jan Vobecký, has been inducted into the ISPSD (International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs) Hall of Fame. ISPSD honours individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of power semiconductor technology and/or to maintaining the success of ISPSD.

CTU and the Technical University of Munich have prepared the first micro-certificate course for graduates. The topic is artificial intelligence for industrial practice

This September (9-13 September), the first micro-certificate course entitled "Applied Artificial Intelligence for Technical Innovation" will take place in Prague and Munich. The course, which is part of lifelong learning programme at CTU, has been created thanks to a unique collaboration between the EuroTeQ Alliance and the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and two partners from industry - Valeo and the German expert on AI applications in industry AppliedAI.


70 years since the foundation of the oldest branch of Radio - Film - Television in Czechoslovakia (1954-2024)

The institutionalization of photography at the Czech Technical University dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the Institute of Practical Photography was founded in 1899 under the leadership of Professor of Fermentation Chemistry and Photography Karel Kruis. The Prague Polytechnic also retains its leadership in the field of higher education of future technical experts for moving pictures for film, television and radio. This year marks the round but unfortunately somewhat forgotten 70th anniversary of the founding of the oldest technically oriented audiovisual field in Czechoslovakia, called Radio, Film and Television Technology (RFT), along with the establishment of the Department of Sound and Film Technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, thus putting our alma mater two years ahead of the famous FAMU in Prague. There, the Department of Film and Television Technology was founded by Prof. Jaroslav Bouček in 1956.

CROP Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at the Czech Technical University

Call for Applications in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics deadline: September 30, 2024

Student team eForce unveils new autonomous electro formula with improved aerodynamics

The new autonomous electroformula developed by the eForce Prague Formula student team has several major differences from last year's model. For example, technological innovations improve the aerodynamics of the car. Today, the team members presented the Formula at a ceremony in the Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav. The first of a series of four races this year awaits the pilots of the team in July. The team consists mainly of students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU.

Miroslav Purkrábek and Jiří Matas from FEE CTU won the award for the best poster at the conference in Turkey

At the end of May, the 18th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition was organized in Istanbul, the leading international forum for the research of image- and video-based recognition of faces, gestures, and body movements. The "Best Poster Award" was awarded to PhD student Ing. Miroslav Purkrábek and his mentor Prof. Jiří Matas from the Visual Recognition Group at the Department of Cybernetics, FEE CTU.

The Antonín Svoboda Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation 2023 goes to the FEE CTU

This year's Antonín Svoboda Award for the best dissertation in computer science and cybernetics has its winner. The highest award went to Yash Patel, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague for his dissertation entitled "Neural Network Training and Non-Differentiable Objective Functions" prepared under the mentoring of Prof. Ing. Jiří Matas, Ph.D.

Dean's Award for Outstanding Dissertation Thesis

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague awarded the Dean's Award for an exceptional dissertation. The following researchers received the award for the year 2023:

FEE CTU will show a balancing robot at ScienceFest, you can also try a formula simulator or soldering

ScienceFest will take place on Vítězné náměstí in Prague on 19 June! The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU (FEE) will again participate in a rich programme for children and adults. What will you enjoy this year?

Scientists from FEE CTU and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University have found a way to detect tooth decay more reliably with the help of artificial intelligence

There's no hiding tooth decay from artificial intelligence. The most prevalent disease, affecting approximately half of the world's population, can be diagnosed by AI from X-rays as effectively as by experienced dentists. A team of researchers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU and the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University developed the automated method for detecting cavities based on deep learning.

The winners of the BioSignal Challenge were awarded at the Summer Biomedical Day. The BIO programme also unveiled its new logo

The programme of the Summer Biomedical Day, which took place on 24 May at the FEL CTU in Prague - Dejvice, was certainly busy! Representatives of the Medical Electronics and Bioinformatics (BIO) programme announced the winners of the student competition BioSignal Challenge. Visitors also saw the new logo of the BIO programme and enjoyed the concert.

The POSTER 2024 conference featured dozens of student projects

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague-Dejvice hosted another year of the student scientific conference POSTER on Thursday 23 May. The event aims to enable university students to present their first research papers and develop professional contacts. An expert jury also awarded the best papers in eight categories at the conference.

Jiří Bím from FEE CTU will be part of the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels

One of this year's Young Energy Ambassadors, who traditionally represent the young generation at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, is Ing. Jiří Bím from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU. At the conference, which will take place from 10th to 14th June 2024, he will share his experience in the development of ground-mounted photovoltaic and agrovoltaic projects, economic aspects of renewable energy and the development of legislation for photovoltaics and agrovoltaics in the Czech Republic.

Learn integrated circuit design from the best experts. Professors from Taiwan to lecture at CTU FEE summer school

Taiwan is the world leader in chip manufacturing and testing and number two in semiconductor memory. The Summer School of Advanced Integrated Circuit Design, organized by CTU FEE in cooperation with the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute from 17 to 29 June 2024, will offer forty students a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what teaching by the best looks like: lectures will be given by Professors Poki Chen and Lih-Yeh Chiou from the prestigious institutions - NTUST and NCKU.

Invitation to the habilitation lecture of Dr. Mihula

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 1PM, RNDr. Zdeněk Mihula, Ph.D. will deliver his habilitation lecture on the topic of Compactness and Noncompactness of Sobolev Embeddings. The lecture will be held in English in the presence of the Scientific Council of the FEE CTU in room T2:D3-209, but it will be streamed on YouTube as well.

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.