Essential Information about Doctoral Studies in English

Study in the Doctoral Study Programme

Doctoral studies at CTU in Prague are pursuant to Doctoral Study Code, in accordance with the Act No.111/1998 Coll., Study and Examination Code for Students of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Rules of Doctoral Study at the CTU in Prague, Admission Procedures - Statute of the CTU (Article 6) and Study Conditions for Foreigners - CTU Statute (Article 9).

The aim of the doctoral studies is to prepare graduates for scientific work, which they can apply especially in an academic environment, scientific institutions such as the Academy of Sciences or in research and development departments of commercial companies.

To be eligible for admission to doctoral studies, applicants must hold a master's degree (not a bachelor's degree) in the same discipline or a related field. Admission to the programme is at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty on the basis of the results of the selection procedure. Experience in the chosen field is not a condition of admission, and there are no age restrictions. Students in their final year of studies may also apply, their admission is conditional on graduating. Citizens of the Czech Republic, foreigners and people without citizenship, who are legal residents in the Czech Republic, may study in the doctoral programme. Applicants who are admitted into a doctoral study programme become FEE doctoral students.

Before submitting the formal application, please contact your potential advisor and select a dissertation topic. You find the list of advisors and their topics here. Please note that you need to reach an agreement with your advisor beforehand because he has the right to veto your admission. Here is a list of doctoral study programmes at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

A Ph.D. programme at FEE is carried out through full-time and combined (part-time) forms of study. Full-time study at FEE CTU generally takes 4 years, while the combined form of study generally takes 5 years, with the option of interrupting the studies. Transfer between combined study and full-time study, or vice-versa, is possible on the basis of a recommendation by supervisor and a written statement from the doctoral student to the Dean of the Faculty. The Supervisor is appointed by the Dean. Supervisors are professors, associate professors (docents), or distinguished scholars. It is possible, with the agreement of the Supervisor and the appropriate Branch Board, to complete the study programme in a shorter time. Doctoral students studying at CTU are, for the duration of their studies, classified as regular tertiary students, with all associated rights and responsibilities. In both full-time and combined forms of study, doctoral students must submit their doctoral thesis within 7 years (6 for students started after September 1, 2021) of the commencement of their studies.

The studies take place according to an individual study plan, which designates the time allocated to study, specialised and scientific activities with plans for the development of the doctoral thesis, study at other locations (which may be outside the Czech Republic), designated minimum teaching duties, dates of examinations for courses taken, and other responsibilities. The individual study plan is specified by the Supervisor, after the doctoral student has expressed his/her agreement with it.

1. The rules of doctoral studies according to the 2022 DSC, non-credit system - specifics of the study stage:

During the first year of study, each doctoral student will take at least one course.

During the first stage of the study, the so-called study block, students supplement their professional knowledge by studying at least two professional courses prescribed by their individual study plan and engage in scientific, publication and presentation activities. At the end of this stage, students have:

  • completed all compulsory professional subjects by passing examinations,
  • at least one scientific article of which the doctoral student is the main author and which relates to the topic of the dissertation has been accepted for publication,
  • passed an English language examination or a recognised certificate demonstrating adequate knowledge of the English language,
  • a scientific study prepared and successfully defended.


2. Rules of doctoral studies according to the 2018 DSC, credit system - specifics of the study stage:

During the first year of study, each doctoral student must achieve at least 8 credits.

During the first stage of the study, the so-called study block, students supplement their professional knowledge by studying four to six professional subjects prescribed by their individual study plan and engage in scientific, publishing and presentation activities. At the end of this stage, which is two years for the full-time form and three years for the combined form, students must have:

  •  completed all compulsory professional courses by passing examinations,
  • attained at least 27 credits (with credits counting only for compulsory courses; credits are also awarded for teaching, research and publication activities). A minimum of 3 credits must be achieved for scientific, research and publication activities,
  • passing an English language examination or having a recognised certificate demonstrating adequate knowledge of the English language,
  • the preparation and successful defence of a professional study.

No later than the time of application for the state doctoral examinations (SDE) according to Article 6(4) of the SDE, the student shall have completed a total of 30 credits, of which at least 6 credits for publication.

Students who started their studies before the entry into force of the DSC 2022 Regulations (23.2.2022) may apply to the Dean for a transfer to study under the DSC 2022 Regulations.

After successful completion of the study block, having passed the language preparation, it is possible to apply for the final comprehensive doctoral examination, in which the student should demonstrate his/her specialised theoretical knowledge, methods of scientific work, and the ability to acquire new scientific knowledge and to apply it creatively. This examination is conducted by the Board of Examiners for Comprehensive Doctoral Examination (Komise pro státní doktorskou zkoušku) .

Successful completion of the final comprehensive doctoral examination is a pre-requisite for the presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis. This thesis is a result of the solution to a specific scientific task; it proves the capability of a doctoral student to independently create his/her own work and must include original achievements of scientific work published by the author of the dissertation or results accepted for publication. The doctoral thesis must contain original new findings. The presentation and defence of the work is conducted by the Board for the Defence of a Doctoral Thesis (Komise pro obhajobu dizertační práce), and is open to the public. A single re-submission is allowed in the case of an unsuccessful final examination or an unsuccessful presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis. Based on the regular completion of study in a Ph.D. Programme, the degree of "Doctor" (abbreviated to "Ph.D.") is obtained from The Czech Technical University in Prague.

Students who started their studies after 1.11.2021 must submit their dissertation within 6 years. Those who started before 1.11.2021 within 7 years, see SEC Article 36, paragraph 6 of 23 April 2022. After successful defence of the dissertation, the Ph.D. degree is awarded to the graduate on behalf of.

Doctoral studies can be prematurely ended by the student, on the basis of a written application. In the case of long-term neglect of responsibilities, the studies can be ended by a decision of the Dean or the Director of the institute.

Tuition fees for foreign students

Tuition fees are paid by foreign doctoral students studying in English both in full-time and part-time forms.

By changing the Statute of the Czech Technical University, the tuition fee for doctoral studies in English was reduced to CZK 500/semester (i.e. approximately 20 EUR/semester).

Ph.D. students studying in Czech do not pay any fee. Any foreign candidate applying for admission to an accredited study program in the Czech language must prove they have sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to study:

  1. by submitting a document proving a secondary school-leaving or state examination in the Czech language, or
  2. by passing the Czech language exam at the Department of Languages

Financial support for studies

The typical average net income (in the range of the 20th - 80th percentile) during the standard period of full-time doctoral studies is 35 - 52 thousand CZK/month, which corresponds to a gross income of 44 - 67 thousand CZK/month.

The income is composed of a tax-free state scholarship supplemented by funds from the internal Student Grant Competition and usually income from employment at the FEE - work on scientific projects. For exceptional results of creative work (e.g. articles in good impacted journals) or pedagogical activities, the dean usually awards a one-off special-purpose scholarship, which forms the motivational component of the income. Under these conditions, PhD students can devote themselves to scientific work for a full 8-hour working day.

Apply by email to the Office for Science and Research, Mrs. Renata Kroutilíková or Ing. Kamila Gregorová.



Full-time doctoral students studying at CTU and living outside of Prague may be provided accommodation in a university dormitory and are entitled to dine in student cafeterias.

Application for enrolment

Application for study should be submitted to the Dean's office. There are usually two application periods per year (in April and in October); the admission exams take place in June and in January. Applicants must specify, their intended study programme, the intended doctoral thesis topic and the intended supervisor, which has to be chosen from the offer presented on the Faculty web page.

The application should also have attached:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Documentation of attained education and any professional experience to date (recognition of the previous level of education achieved by a foreigner in any other country than the Czech Republic is subject to the law - for more information contact please Mrs. Mgr. Ludmila Drahošová from the Rector's Office of CTU, Department of Education, phone: 22435 3469).
  • A summary of published works, other professional work results, and - if applicable - an appraisal of these publications
  • Application for a scholaship to assist in covering tuition fees and living expenses (if relevant) (signed only by the student)
  • A confirmation of the payment of CZK 850,- as a fee for the admission procedure. This fee is to be paid to the following bank and account:

Bank address:
Komerční banka, a.s.
Praha, Czech Republic

Bank account No.: 19-5504540257
bank sorting code: 0100
payment identification: 902 - Name of Applicant
IBAN CZ9401000000195504540257

Account holder:
České vysoké učení technické
Fakulta elektrotechnická
Technická 2
160 00 Praha 6

Further information

Further information concerning doctoral studies can be obtained from the Office of Science and Research (Mrs. Renata Kroutilíková, phone: 22435 2030 or Ing. Kamila Gregorová, phone: 22435 2230) or from the relevant academic department.

For further information please write to:

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague
Office for Science and Research
Technická 2
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.