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B3MPROJ8 Project
Roles:P Extent of teaching:0p+6s
Department:13000 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z
Lecturers:  Credits:8
Tutors:Too many persons Semester:Z



The course B3MPROJ8 is an independent work on a problem-project under the guidance of a supervisor. Within this course it is possible (usually) to solve a sub-problem of the thesis. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a topic of the thesis no later than at the beginning of the 3th semester and not to underestimate its early selection. You can work on any topic. Choose a topic from the current offer - /cz/education/semester-projects.html, or a teacher who deals with topics that are close to you. Contact him to discuss whether the topic is suitable and could be the basis for a thesis assignment. Completion of the course project must have a clearly defined deliverable, such as a technical report or program product, which is graded for credit. In case of questions or uncertainties, please contact the department officer from your project supervisor's department - Kamila Krupkova (, Department of Control Engineering K13135) or Jana Zichova (, Department of Cybernetics K13133) or Šarka Hejtmanová (, Department of Measurement K13138). By the end of the 3rd week of the semester, students will find a supervisor and arrange the project assignment with him/her. The assignment and scope of the project is determined by the supervisor. If the project has an external supervisor (e.g. a company), the topic must always be guaranteed by a professional supervisor at FEL CTU, who is responsible for the progress of the project and communicates with all parties involved. Students work on the project continuously, consulting with the supervisor as needed and as agreed. The deadline for submission of the project results is by the end of the first week of the exam period. Students will present the results of their projects and final reports to their supervisors (in a way they agree). The structure of the final report follows the structure of the thesis (unless specified by the project leader), expected length of at least 10 standard pages (1800 characters/page). Student has to present the results of his/her work to the supervisor. The presentation has the character of a defence and takes place after the supervisor has prepared a report/evaluation of the project.

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Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MPKYR3_2016 Systems and Control P 3
MPKYR5_2016 Cybernetics and Robotics P 3
MPKYR4_2016 Aerospace Systems P 3
MPKYR2_2016 Sensors and Instrumentation P 3
MPKYR1_2016 Robotics P 3

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