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BD1M13VES Manufacturing of Electrical Components
Roles:  Extent of teaching:14KP+6KL
Department:13113 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:KZ
Lecturers:  Credits:4
Tutors:  Semester:Z

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Technology of electric components in general. Basic technology in use. Type of components: resistors, potentiometers, capacitors with foil dielectric. Ceramic and electrolytic capacitors. Electromechanical devices . Semiconductors, fabrication of vertical and horizontal structures. Packaging.

Study targets:

A student are well-educated of technology of electric components, properties of fundamental electronic devices and their quality testing methods

Course outlines:

1. Components used in electrical or electronics circuits.
2. Identification of electronic components. Standards of nominal values.
3. Resistors, Power resistors.
4. Nonlinear resistors, potentiometers.
5. Capacitors - roll-type, ceramic, electrolytic.
6. Inductance devices, HF coils, chokes, transformers.
7. Power inductance HF devices, chokes. Power filters
8. Switches, connectors
9. Electromechanical devices, relay,
10. Batteries and storage cells
11. Lines. Distributed parameter devices.
12. Semiconductor device design, fabrication of structures.
13. Survey of modern semiconductor devices and IO technologies.
14. Packaging and connecting of devices.

Exercises outline:

1. Safety in laboratories. Instruction about lab. measurements - group 1.
2. Instruction about lab. measurements - group 1.
3. Nonlinear resistors
4. Ferroelectric capacitors.
5. HF coils
6. Resistor and capacitors characteristics at HF
7. Power pulse transformer.
8. Instruction about lab. measurements - group 2.
9. Relay, electric contacts.
10. Distributed parameter lines.
11. Active semiconductor devices.
12. Electronic components mounting 1
13. Electronic components mounting 2
14. Evaluation of lab. reports. A credit.


1. Horn, Delton T.: Electronic Components: A complete reference for project builders. Blue Ridge - TAB Books, 1992


The credit reguirements: seminar presentation, one protokol of labs and the student must obtain minimally 50 % of avaliable points in the tests.


electronic components, manufacturing

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