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BD0M13TKS Technology of Cables and Optical waveguides
Roles:  Extent of teaching:14KP+6KL
Department:13113 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:4
Tutors:  Semester:Z

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- Cable engineering-materials,machines and production methods - The engineering and properties of metal cables - Joinig,ending end branching of power cables - The technology and properties of optical fibres and cables - The fibre connectors evaluation - The power cables and optical fibres diagnostics

Study targets:

- To make clear the contents and the speciality of the branch Cable engineering - To give the information about the manufacture and properties of metal and optical cables - The checking of the quality of materials,components and also end products, that fall within area of the cable engineering

Course outlines:

1. Basic characteristics of production of cables,terminology and materials used in manufacture
2. Properties and production process of Cu and Al
3. Insulants used in the production of conductors and cables
4. Main technological operations for cables production, manufacturing process of cable core
5. Insulation process of cable cores
6. Production of cable core assembly and cable jackets
7. Electrical properties of power cables
8. Theoretical analysis of high voltage cables
9. Electrical properties of low and high frequency telecommunication cables
10. Construction of power cables and cabels for informations transport
11. Construction and properties of optical waveguides
12. Production of optical fibres
13. Construction, manufacture and properties of optical cables
14. Diagnostics of cables

Exercises outline:

1. Introduction. Information about laboratory tasks
2. Joining and evaluation of low frequency comunication cables
3. Optical fibres ending by optical connectors
4. Welding of optical fibres and optical connectors grinding
5. Evaluation of passive parts of optical lines
6. Wires and cables description
7. Ending, bonding and branching of power cables
8. ,9. Cable factory excursion
10. Power cable diagnostics
11. Model of optical line creation and its evaluation from the point loss.
12. Chat with 1. expert from practice
13. Chat with 2. expert from practice
14. The assessment


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[6] Koblizek,V.:Technological Operations,
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A student has to obtain credit before examination.


Cable.Cable Technics.Power Cable.Cable core. Cable fabrication.Cable-insulation press. Telecommunication cable.Fibre optic cable. Optical Waveguide.Light Waveguide.Fibre Connector.Cables diagnostics.

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