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BEAM31LET Medical Instrumentation and Devices
Roles:P Extent of teaching:2P+2L
Department:13131 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:Havlík J. Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:Havlík J. Credits:6
Tutors:Havlík J. Semester:Z


Students will study fundamental principles applied within the modern medical devices and systems, esp. from the point of view of functional blocks and electronic circuits of diagnostical and therapeutical medical equipments including electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs, bedside and central monitors, equipments for anestesiology, intensive and critical healthcare, equipments for clinical laboratory, electrostimulators, cardiostimulators and defibrilators, blood pressure and flow measurement (including dilution) and pulse oxymetry.

Study targets:

The main goal is to offer the basic knowledge in the field of medical equipment and to provide the practice with selected devices in laboratories for students.

Course outlines:

1. Classification and structures of medical equipments, parametres of medical equipments
2. Biopotential electrodes, amplifiers for measuring devices
3. Electrocardiographs, cardiostimulators, defibrilators
4. ECG - circuits design, diagnostics
5. Cardiostimulators, defibrilators - circuits design
6. Devices for blood pressure and flow measurement, pulse oxymeters
7. Electroencephalography, electromyography, measuring of body temperature
8. Devices for clinical laboratory with application of analytical methods
9. Devices for ophthalmology
10. Basics of ultrasonography diagnostics
11. Devices for intensive care, supporting ventilation
12. Radiotherapy, X radiation and high energy radiation equipment, stereotactic radiosurgery, Leksell gamma knife
13. Telemedicine, robotic medicine

Exercises outline:

1. Introduction to seminars, regulations for experimental work, safety regulations.
2. Amplifiers for measuring devices
3. Explanations of laboratory experiments, reservations of individual works
4. Laboratory experiments
5. Laboratory experiments
6. Laboratory experiments
7. Laboratory experimants
8. Laboratory experiments
9. Laboratory experiments
10. Excursion
11. Excursion
12. Presentations of individual works
13. Presentations of individual works


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2. Penhaker, M. a kol.:Lékařské diagnostické přístroje - učební texty. Ostrava: VŠB-TU Ostrava. 2004.
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Presence in seminars, laboratory practice, semestral work.


medical instrumentation

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MEBIO2_2018 Medical Instrumentation P 1
MEBIO1_2018 Bioinformatics P 1
MEBIO4_2018 Signal Processing P 1
MEBIO3_2018 Image Processing P 1

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