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A7B13ANW Analysis and Design of Web based Applications
Roles:  Extent of teaching:2P+2S
Department:13113 Language of teaching:
Guarantors:  Completion:KZ
Lecturers:  Credits:4
Tutors:  Semester:L

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Architecture and life cycle of web based application. Information modelling of web applications. History of web oriented methods. Requirement and business analysis of web applications. Web methods (OOHDM, RMM, WebML and UWE). User oriented methods (WSDL). Data models for web based applications. Navigational modelling, navigational diagram. Presentational modelling, presentational diagram. Abstract data view. Process models for web based systems. Implementation of web based systems. Web methods (Araneus, OO-H). Run and service of web systems.

Course outlines:

1. Web based applications and websites. Architecture and life cycle of web based applications. Information modelling and UML. Models special for web oriented systems.
2. History of web oriented methods. His relationship with classical and hypermedia methods. Hypermedia methods.
3. Requirement and business analysis. Use Case diagrams, etc.
4. Requirement analysis in web oriented methods. (OOHDM, RMM, WebML and UWE).
5. Users analysis, relationship with use cases. User oriented methods (WSDL).
6. Data and conceptual modelling. ER and OO conceptual diagrams. Data modelling for web based applications. Data modelling in web oriented methods (HDM, RMM, OOHDM, WebML and UWE).
7. Navigational modelling. Navigational diagram. Navigational models in web oriented methods (HDM, RMM, OOHDM).
8. Navigational models in web oriented methods (WebML, UWE, Araneus and OO-H).
9. Presentation modelling and diagram. Abstract data view. Presentational models in web oriented methods (HDM, RMM and OOHDM).
10. Presentation modelling and diagram. Abstract data view. Presentational models in web oriented methods (WebML, UWE, Araneus and OO-H).
11. Process modelling in web oriented methods. Diagrams and relationships.
12. CASE support for web oriented methods. UML based tools (ArgoUWE).
13. Automation generation of web based application in different methods (OOHDM, WebML, Araneus, OO-H and UWE). Service and run of web based system.
14. Reserve

Exercises outline:

1. Personality measurement, project topics
2. Team distribution, selection of project
3. Requirement and feasibility analysis
4. Method and technology selection
5. Presentation of preliminary study
6. User analysis and use CASE study
7. Conceptual model of application
8. Navigational model of application
9. Presentation of conceptual and navigational models
10. Presentational model study
11. Study of applications processes
12. Presentation of presentation and process models
13. Opponent study
14. Credits


Ian Sommerville: Software Engineering OMG: UML reference and specification Molhanec: Web Oriented Methods (Lecture Notes on University Web, later printed issue)


Prerequisites: Y36DBS, Y36SIN Courseware at Moodle CTU: The use of Moodle CTU is mandatory.

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