13000 / 13116 - Grants - 2024

13000 / 13116 - Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Projects Supported by Grants 2024

Alaee, P.: Strategic management of EV charging stations in an integrated power and transportation system
2024 - 2025, SGS24/091/OHK5/2T/13
Běhal, D.: Flexibility in the transmission and distribution systems: Mapping and utilization for reliable system control
2024 - 2025, SGS24/092/OHK5/2T/13
Bím, J.: Agrivoltaic System as an Integral Part of the Modern Energy Sector
2023 - 2024, SGS23/112/OHK5/2T/13
Dobiáš, M.: The Choice of Profession Orientation Based on Virtual Reality and Eye-tracking
2021 - 2024, FW03010082
Efmertová, M.: Techniques, Heritage, Territories of Industry (TPTI)
2022 - 2027,
Efmertová, M.: Engineers and managers in Europe in (re)construction from the 19th to the 21st century. Technicians, organizers and managers in Czech lands/Czechoslovakia and in France.
2023 - 2024, 8J23FR001
Efmertová, M.: Historické přístupy k technické kreativitě a inovacím - 2. ročník pravidelné konference k Historii věd techniky na FEL ČVUT v Praze
2024 - 2024, SVK 30/24/F3
Jablonská, Š.: Modelling renewable hydrogen potential to replace natural gas
2023 - 2024, SGS23/113/OHK5/2T/13
Janota, L.: Systemic aspects of community energy development within the European Union following the climate and energy policy and goals
2023 - 2024, SGS23/114/OHK5/2T/13
Kecek, D.: Forecast of photovoltaic power generation in Central Europe
2023 - 2024, SGS23/115/OHK5/2T/13
Knápek, J.: Biorefining and circular economy for sustainability
2023 - 2028, TN02000044
Králík, T.: Air quality Research, Assessment and Monitoring Integrated System
2020 - 2026, SS02030031
Králík, T.: Comprehensive solutions of local and regional energy systems as part of GreenDeal's measures to achieve sustainable agricultural and forestry management
2022 - 2024, TK04010166
Kubín, A.: Decarbonisation of the heating sector - Sector Coupling and the role of renewable energy sources and new perspective technologies
2023 - 2024, SGS23/116/OHK5/2T/13
Kyselka, D.: The truth is often different from the wishes of those requesting information...: a look at the intelligence services in Czechoslovakia after 1918
2024 - 2024, SGS24/054/OHK5/1T/13
Mikeš, J.: Advanced triggering of HV spark gap using laser beam
2024 - 2024, SGS24/055/OHK5/1T/13
Miltner, M.: Machine Learning Utilization for Modeling and Predicting Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging
2024 - 2025, SGS24/093/OHK5/2T/13
Sohrabi, F.: Accelerated Benders Decomposition Algorithm for Charging Station Bidding in Day-Ahead and Intraday Auction Markets
2024 - 2025, SGS24/094/OHK5/2T/13
Štogl, O.: The role of electromobility in the energy sector, its importance from the flexibility point of view, and the effect on the price of electricity
2023 - 2024, SGS23/117/OHK5/2T/13
Štogl, O.: The use of Vehicle-to-Grid technology to provide energy flexibility
2024 - 2027, TS01020030
Valentová, M.: Certification of clean energy SMEs
2022 - 2025, 101077584
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