13000 / 13116 - Grants - 2016

13000 / 13116 - Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Projects Supported by Grants 2016

Dobiáš, M.: Application of Eye Tracking Technology to Testing of Competencies
2015 - 2017, TH01010233
Holasová, A.: Economic context of the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric energy market and the link to the reliability of electricity supply
2015 - 2016, SGS15/150/OHK5/2T/13
Knápek, J.: Potential of biomass as energy source to cover local, regional and/or national fuel needs
2014 - 2017, TA04020970
Knápek, J.: Tools for analysis of market utilization and competitiveness of biomass for energy needs in local communities
2016 - 2017, TD03000039
Kratochvíl, Š.: Analysis and the methods of forecasting of the system imbalance
2016 - 2016, SGS16/083/OHK5/1T/13
Makešová, M.: Economic efficiency of RES in connection with climate and energy policy of the EU
2016 - 2017, SGS16/154/OHK5/2T/13
Mikeš, J.: Economic reliability of buildings affected by lightning discharge
2015 - 2016, SGS15/151/OHK5/2T/13
Mikeš, J.: Complex hydrogen technology for contaminant removal from the subsurface
2015 - 2018, TH01030475
Mikeš, J.: Economic and Technical Optimization of Ozone Production Yield for Environmental Applications
2016 - 2017, SGS16/155/OHK5/2T/13
Tašpulatov, Š.: The Impact of Behavioral and Structural Remedies on Electricity Prices: The Case of the England and Wales Electricity Market
2016 - 2017, RRC16
Zoubek, L.: University process framework
2015 - 2016, SGS15/152/OHK5/2T/13
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