Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships awarded for the winter semester are paid out in April and for the summer semester in November of the corresponding year.

The awarding of merit scholarships at CTU FEE is governed by the Czech Technical University Scholarship Rules set forth in Prague on 6 August 2015. The awarding of merit scholarships is not exclusive to only those who apply.

Exceptions are:

  • students who studied abroad during the previous semester; in justified cases a merit scholarship can be awarded, even if the student abroad attended a smaller number of subjects and / or received a lower number of credits than that provided for in Article 3 paragraph 10 a) b) of the CTU Scholarship Rules (in accordance with Art. 3, para. 13 SER),
  • students exceeding the standard study period, unless at least one semester was studied at a foreign university under programs co-organized by CTU,
  • Students who change from FEE to another CTU faculty during the current semester.

According to Art. 3, para. 11 SER, the study results from the previous semester are the deciding factor in the determination of awarding a merit scholarship.

Merit Scholarships for outstanding academic results achieved in the previous semester can only be granted to a student who in the semester in which they are currently studying:

  1. is a full-time or part-time CTU student, according to § 61 of the Act
  2. is studying in a standard length of study program1, or studying in standard study period extended by a maximum of one year if at least one semester was studied at a foreign university under programs co-organized by CTU and they apply for the scholarship in written form
  3. in the previous semester the following conditions have been fulfilled:
    1. a minimun of 30 credits was earned from completed courses (i.e. not including credits for recognized subjects),
    2. the number of graded subjects in the semester was greater than or equal to 4,
    3. the grade point average for that semester was less than or equal to 1.50,
    4. the student studied full-time or part-time and in a standard length of study program according to § 61 and § 44 para. 2 point. e) and paragraph 4 of the Act (full-time or part-time).

The amount of the merit scholarship S (CZK / sem.) is given in the following table, in which k is the category of the weighted average, Φ is a weighted average, and X is the basis of the scholarship:

k Φ (weighted average) S (scholarship amount)
1 < 1.00, 1.10 ) 10,00.X
2 < 1.10, 1.25 ) 6,00.X
3 < 1.25, 1.50 > 3,00.X

The average scholarship Φ is calculated according to the following formula

where Kp is the number of credits per subject p ending with an examination or a graded assessment Zp and added up over all the evaluated subjects in the summer semester.

An increase in scholarships X is determined by the Dean of the Faculty based on the number of scholarships awarded and the amount of funds approved for the payment of scholarships in the semester, so that:

where P (k) is the number of students whose results belong to the k category, n is the number of merit categories (n = 4), c are funds for scholarships (CZK / sem).


1 The standard length of study in FEE bachelor programs is three years, in master‘s two years. The scholarship cannot be granted to student studying longer (i.e. currently studying in the seventh or higher semester of a bachelor's degree program, or the fifth or higher semester of a master's degree program).