Professional experience abroad

Professional experience (internship) abroad is organized by students themselves, possibly with the academic staff of individual departments. The internship qualifies as a Professional Practice subject in relation to its length, whereas one credit may be awarded for approximately 30 hours. Therefore:

  • internship with length of about 60 hours - Professional Practice subject worth 2 credits
  • internship with length of about 120 hours - Professional Practice subject worth 4 credits
  • internship with length of about 180 hours - Professional Practice subject worth 6 credits

Subject codes:

Professional Practice subject worth:
2 credits 4 credits 6 credits
Bachelor‘s AE0B99PP2 AE0B99PP4 AE0B99PP6
Master‘s AE0M99PP2 AE0M99PP4 AE0M99PP6
  • A short-term internship (up to 120 hours) is not an excuse for not attending lessons, or fulfilling other duties. Credit for an authorized Professional Practice subject must be requested by the student upon return. The student has to submit a confirmation letter from the company stating the content and exact dates of the internship to the study officer who then forwards this piece of information to the vice-dean.
  • A long-term internship (even for 1 semester) must be arranged in advance with the vice dean. The student is required to present an invitation letter from the company with a time period and description of training content; student has to submit the letter to the study officer, who will ensure approval from the vice-dean. It is then up to the vice-dean to allow 6 credits for the Professional Practice.

Before leaving, the student is required to register for the semester in question with the FEE Study Office.