Study Tutors

Bachelor programs

Fields of study Tutor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science doc. Müller
  Power Engineering doc. Kyncl
  Computer Science doc. Svoboda
  Electronics prof. Jakovenko

Master programs

Fields of study Tutor
Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management doc. Kyncl, Jandera
    Technological Systems Molhanec
    Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives doc. Kyncl
    Electrical Power Engineering doc. Kyncl
    Economics and Management of Power Engineering Jandera
    Economics and Management of Electrical Engineering Jandera
Electronics and Communications Bečvář
    Electronics prof. Jakovenko
    Communication Systems and Networks doc. Boháč
    Radio and Optical technology prof. Zvánovec
    Audiovisual Technology and Signal processing prof. Páta
Cybernetics and Robotics Hlinovský
    Cybernetics and Robotics  
Biomedical Engineering and informatics prof. Kybic
    Biomedical Engineering  
    Biomedical Informatics  
Open Informatics prof. Žára
    Artificial Intelligence doc. Faigl
    Computer Engineering doc. Novák
    Computer Vision and Image Processing doc. Šára
    Software Engineering doc. Bureš
    Human-Computer Interaction doc. Míkovec
    Cyber Security doc. Šišlák
    Bioinformatics doc. Kléma
    Data Science prof. Železný
    Computer Graphics prof. Žára
Aerospace Engineering doc. Roháč
    Avionics doc. Roháč