FEE information of situation in Ukraine

Current forms of support for foreign students and employees, useful contacts to experts providing psychological, legal and social counselling or links to other official information on the situation in Ukraine can be found via the International Office – ČVUT – Faculty of Electrical Engineering (cvut.cz)

Pomoc Ukrajině – kontakty

We are grateful for all suggestions from students and staff on how to help Ukraine through material, financial or concrete volunteer assistance. We take the liberty of updating here the contacts of organizations that are engaged in such activities. Financial donations are recommended to be made through humanitarian organizations People in Ned, Adra, Paměť národa, Czech Red Cross, Charity Czech Republic.

We Stand for Ukraine – a signpost that offers ways to help Ukraine "with your hands and head, materially and financially." The organization behind the website is česko.digital.


23. 05. 2022

Information for Ukrainian applicants for Bachelor's degree programs in Czech

  • Applicants for Czech Bachelor's degree programs (Ukrainian citizens who have a temporary protection/refugee visa in the Czech Republic) attending the entrance exam in mathematics can request for assignment in English (test example, solution).
  • All applicants must provide the certificate that demonstrates their proficiency in Czech language comparable to or exceeding the level B1 (normally B2 is required). All relevant information and instructions will be published on the website of the Department of Languages [in Czech].
  • For attending of the mathematics entrance exam as well as the Czech language exam, all applicants from Ukraine will have to prove themselves with a temporary protection/refugee visa in order to receive the admission relief (it applies to candidates registered in both first and second rounds of the admission procedure).

Contact e-mail: chcistudovat@fel.cvut.cz.

You can find more information at https://fel.cvut.cz/en/international/

12. 04. 2022

Ukrainian TV and Radio

On Monday, 11 April 2022, the Ukrainian TV station 1+1 began broadcasting. The news channel should enable Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic to receive information about events in their home country in their native language. The station can be tuned in free of charge on digital terrestrial television via automatic tuning on multiplex 23.

In the Czech Republic, it has been possible for several weeks to tune in to Ukrainian Radio, which is also provided by Czech Radio (CRo) on its website and on conventional DAB+ and DVB-T2 networks.

24. 03. 2022

The international community at CTU expresses solidarity with Ukrainian refugees that arrived to Czech Republic. Together with @isc.cvut and @silicon.hill, we organize a donation of daily supplies where you can donate mentioned items. You can bring the listed things you want to donate to CTU Rectorate - entrance B1 and leave it in the designated basket.

21. 03. 2022

CTU in Prague welcomes Ukrainian students refugees

Ukrainian students studying technical disciplines (civil, mechanical, electrical, transport, biomedical, physical engineering, nuclear sciences, information technologies), or management, business and economics can immediately apply for admission to CTU in Prague as free movers.

Українські студенти, які вивчають технічні дисципліни (цивільні, механічні, електротехнічні, транспортні, біомедичні, фізико-технічні, ядерні науки, інформаційні технології), або менеджмент, бізнес та економіку можуть одразу подати заявку на вступ до КТУ у Празі як безкоштовні переїзди.

Application form

07. 03. 2022

On Wednesday, 9 March, CTU will hold a concert in the Bethlehem Chapel in support of the people in Ukraine. Among the performers will be Radůza, Lenka Dusilová and the Eben Brothers. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to SOS Ukraine - People in Need.

04. 03. 2022

FEE supported Ukraine with CZK 2.5 million. All our departments contributed to the donation. These are funds from our own economic activities, not money from the state dedicated for teaching and scientific activities, nor the result of collections among employees or students. The money has already gone to the SOS Ukraine account set up by Člověk v tísni/People in Need.

03. 03. 2022

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU has decided to expand its existing Nikola Shuhaj scholarship program for Ukrainian students. Thanks to this, four female students from the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv will participate in it. The faculty has already accepted and supported them and expects that students from other partner schools in Ukraine will also show interest in studying electrical engineering and computer science at the CTU FEE.

03. 03. 2022

The Rector's Office has set up a new phone line with the number 771 227 995, which will serve Ukrainian students and staff at CTU. The line will operate from Friday, March 4, 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The line is manned by a native Ukrainian speaker who is also fluent in Czech, Russian and English.

01. 03. 2022

In connection with the current situation in Ukraine, the CTU Centre for Information and Counselling Services (CIPS) and the ELSA Centre for Support of Students with Special Needs offer assistance to all students who feel threatened.

Every Thursday, starting March 3 from 5 to 7 p.m., a sharing group will be open for people of all nationalities led by crisis interventionist Mgr. Lucie Salačová (FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/697539604948536)

Every day from 9 am to 3 pm students can also come to the CIPS + ELSA space in the Student House (Bechyňova 3, Prague 6). Here they will find a quiet place where they will not be alone with their problems and thoughts. The CIPS and ELSA team also shares a list of contacts that students can use if they are unwell and a set of tips on how to take good care of themselves mentally.

01. 03. 2022

Information for those who want to help Ukraine but don't know where to turn – Czech.Digital, which connects technical volunteers with nonprofits, is developing an informational web signpost and marketplace for coordinated assistance. Details at https://cesko.digital/projects/stojime-za-ukrajinou.

01. 03. 2022

On Thursday, March 3, the Students Against War event will take place at the Dejvice Campus.

28. 02. 2022

Statement of the Academic Senate FEE: “The Academic Senate of FEE CTU condemns the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and supports the sovereignty of Ukraine as an independent state. Academic Senate of FEE feels solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine and declares its intention to support students, staff and collaborators from Ukraine working at FEL.”

28. 02. 2022

Silicon Hill (the largest club of SU CTU, in Strahov dormitory) is organizing a collection of material things to help Ukraine, started on Sunday and will run at least until Thursday, always from 10:00-17:00. Anyone can bring items, especially hygiene and medical supplies, warm clothes, sleeping bags, food for children, etc. The collection point is at the Strahov Dormitories (Vaníčkova 7, Prague 6), Block 1, 2nd floor, at the end of the hallway is the SU (CTU Student Union) CTU office. Transport to the border or directly to Ukraine is arranged. Contact to the coordinator: Vladislav Šulc, pomoc@sh.cvut.cz

25. 02. 2022

Minister of Education Gazdík: War hostility does not belong in schools

24. 02. 2022

Support for Ukrainian students

23. 02. 2022

Statement of the Academic Senate of CTU

Responsible person: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk