The students' survey for the winter semester 2020/2021 open

Survey opens

The winter semester 2020/2021 took place in the shadow of the COVID19 pandemic. Most of the teaching had to take place on-line. The opinions of students about the course and organization of teaching are all the more valuable. Therefore, part of this survey is the question of distance learning, so that the management of the faculty, in the event that the summer semester will take place again on-line, can take appropriate measures to improve the quality of teaching.

The evaluation of the courses is an important feedback at all universities. The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback for teachers and the faculty management. The survey is organized and conducted by CTU for all faculties (for more information).

Survey tickets can be filled in on the standard page of the survey application. Completing the survey is completely anonymous, but students have the opportunity to reveal their anonymity.

Also in this semester, 3 students will be drawn and for completing the survey by February 12, they will receive a prize worth CZK 7,000 for electronics (lottery ticket = completed survey card) (winners from the last run of the survey).

Important Dates  
February 17, 2021 Survey draw takes place
February 17, 2021 Survey is open for the subjects registered, but not completed yet
February 23, 2021 Survey is closed

The evaluation of the results of the survey with the statement of the Dean of FEE will take place until the beginning of preliminary enrollments for the summer semester 2020/2021.

January 5, 2021

doc. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, PhD. vicedean