The students' survey for the summer semester 2022/2023 open

Survey opens

You can fill out the survey forms on the standard page of the survey application. Completing the survey is completely anonymous, but students have the opportunity to reveal their anonymity.

The student survey will be open to students' ideas throughout the exam period, including the summer holidays. The survey is also intended for our graduates.

Also this semester, 3 winners will be drawn from the survey participants, who will receive a prize worth CZK 7,000 for electronics of their choice. For each questionnaire completed by September 3, 2023, the student receives one lottery ticket. Each student can win only one prize (winners from the last run of the survey).

The importance of the survey

The basic purpose of the survey is to provide teachers and faculty management with feedback that will help improve the quality of teaching and the environment at the faculty. The results of the student survey are very responsibly dealt with by the heads of departments, guarantors of study programs and the Dean of the faculty.

In addition to commenting on the teaching process of "their" courses, students have the opportunity to comment on faculty life and the organisation of teaching by answering three survey questions:

  • Which faculty services you appreciate and which ones you miss from the faculty?.
  • How do you evaluate the organization of foreign study visit within Erasmus+ and trips outside Europe?
  • What problems do you encounter when accommodated in the dormitories of the Czech Technical University (the suggestions will be addressed directly to the representatives of FEL in the CTU Academic Senate and the director of SUZ for their feedback).
Important Dates
May 25, 2023 opening a survey for successfully completed courses
September 4, 2023 drawing of the survey and switching to enrolled subjects
September 12, 2023 closing the survey

May 25, 2022

prof. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, PhD. vicedean

Ivan Jelínek,  survey administrator