Results of the draw of the student survey for the winter semester 2023/2024

On February 18, 6284 questionnaires for the winter semester for closed subjects were drawn (the status of the survey is already 33 %). The draw was made by doc. Jaroslav Roztočil, Chairman of the Academic Senate of FEE CTU, the prizes were entered into the survey by the Dean of the Faculty, prof. Petr Páta. The winners will receive a contribution to the electronics of their choice at a price of CZK 7,000.

The following students were drawn:

Name Study program and specialization  
Štěpánka Mrázková Lékařská elektronika a bioinformatika, Bachelor studies, 1st year
Filip Černý Kybernetika a robotika, Master's studies, 1st year
Emanuele Daněk Elektrotechnika, energetika a management - Aplikovaná elektrotechnika, Bachelor studies, 2nd year

Congratulations to the winners.

The student survey now continues in the "even for enrolled subjects" mode, in which students can also comment on subjects they have not closed.

The survey will end on Sunday, February 25, and then be passed on to teachers for comment.

In Prague on February 19, 2024

doc. RNDr. Veronika Sobotíková, CSc., Vice-Dean