Teachers for the student survey for the summer semester 2022/2023

The results of the survey for summer 22/23 are on the page https://anketa.cvut.cz/ (SSO login, Results, FEL - summer 22/23). Teacher can see an evaluation summary in the courses they taught, (evaluations are also accessible to their heads of departments). The individual subject assessments are also linked. Students do not have access to the survey results until October 10.

Each teacher should respond to student comments by Friday, October 6, 2023.

Note: The teacher can change or add to their statements until October 6, 2023.

September 13, 2023

prof. Ing. Jiří Jakovenko, Ph.D., Vice-Dean

Further schedule for the processing of survey results for the summer semester 2022/2023:

October 10, 2023 publication of survey results including teacher's comments
October 20, 2023 statement of department heads
October 26, 2023 statement of study program guarantors, statement on faculty-wide issues
November 1, 2023 statement of the dean
November 3, 2023 publication of the full survey results
November 6, 2023 preliminary registrations for the summer semester

  • On September 4, 2023, a raffle of completed questionnaires took place. Three randomly selected survey participants received an allowance for electronics of their choice.
  • If a text appears in student comments that is offensive, vulgar, defamatory, etc., the teacher will report their comment to the vice dean or to the dean (by October 6, 2023 at the latest) and they will decide on the possible removal of the comment from the resulting poll.
  • Your questions and comments about the survey should be addressed directly to the survey administrator doc. Ivan Jelínek.