Department of Telecommunication Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering won 2nd place in the eLearning 2021 competition

Experts from the Department of Telecommunication Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU have won a significant award, namely the 2nd prize at the 20th annual conference and competition eLearning 2021, which ended on 3 September in Prague. The team of Ing. Tomáš Zeman, Ph.D., Ing. Marek Nevosad, Ing. Jaromír Hrad, Ph.D., Ing. Jiří Holeček, Ph.D., Bc. Ing. Ivan Pravda, Ph.D., and Ing. Pavel Lafata, Ph.D., impressed the jury with the project Environment for Open Digital Learning Resources VOVCR.CZ.

The new learning environment, at which you can take a look here , is being developed within the framework of the "VOV Innovation" projects. The teaching materials are intended mainly for students and teachers of higher education institutions, but are also used at universities. “The theme focus is broad, with teaching materials from the field of technology predominating, but a significant part is also intended for students of economics, agriculture, pedagogy, health and social sciences. Routine use in schools started in March 2021, since then we have seen a regular monthly increase in the number of views,” says Dr. Tomáš Zeman from the Department of Telecommunications Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, on behalf of the authors of the learning environment.

The intention of the eLearning 2021 competition was to present the best educational products using information technology created in the last two years, thus promoting creation in this field. The aim of the competition is to enable the comparison of elearning products, thus contributing to strengthening the general awareness of the possibilities of education supported by modern technologies.