Jeff Frolik will be a Fulbright Scholar 2022 at the FEL of the Czech Technical University in Prague

Professor Jeff Frolik received the position of Fulbright Scholar at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. His four-month residency will begin in September 2022. Professor Frolik currently works at the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont, where he works on wireless communication, sensor networks, and distributed control algorithms. In doctoral study programs at the FEE CTU in Prague, he will teach the subject Scientific Writing, which is focused on the issue of an effective creation and communication of scientific results. He will also support the students as a mentor. In addition, he will help the faculty with the quality assessment of doctoral study programs and will be involved in research in the field of chipless and harmonic RFID transponders at the host Department of Electromagnetic Fields. Prof. Frolik already served as Fulbright Distinguished Chair at CTU FEL in 2017.

The faculty dean Prof. Petr Páta is clear about hosting foreign professors as part of the Fulbright program: "I am glad that through the Fulbright Commission we are able to repeatedly acquire important experts from abroad who give us stimulating feedback and are the support of our academic work. They act as lecturers and student mentors , they will help with quality assessment and development of study programs, they are involved in our research and thus establish long-term relationships with us." He adds: "As the best electrotechnical faculty in the Czech Republic, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels, only comparisons with the world's most important universities moves us forward.”

The head of the Department of Electromagnetic Fields, Prof. Pavel Pechač: "The entire team of our department is very happy to work with Prof. Frolik again. We are happy to be inspired by his foreign experiences and his approach to teaching, we welcome involvement in research and other activities of the department."

The Fulbright scholarship program was founded in 1946. Since then, 300,000 students, scientists and teachers have participated in it. Former Fulbright program participants include Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, governors and senators, ambassadors, artists, judges, prime ministers and heads of states, distinguished professors and scientists. Approximately 8,000 scholarships are awarded each year. As a part of the basic program for scientists and university teachers, 800 workers are sent from the US to 130 countries all over the world every year. The most prestigious award, which is also prof. Frolik holder, represents the Distinguished Scholar (formerly the Distinguished Chair), of which only around 40 are awarded each year. Four of them go to the Czech Republic. The partners of the program are Charles University, Masaryk University, Palacký University and CTU in Prague. This program is funded by the governments of the Czech Republic, the USA and the host institution.

In earlier years, other prominent academics also worked as part of the Fulbright program at FEE of Czech Technical University in Prague: prof. Martin Margala from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts (2017), Prof. Jeff Frolik, of the University of Vermont, Vermont (2017), Chang-Hee Won of Temple University, Philadelphia (2018).