Dr. Zuzana Kúkelová received the prestigious JUNIOR STAR grant from the GA ČR

The JUNIOR STAR Grants, awarded on 2 November 2021 by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA ČR), are intended to promote excellence in emerging outstanding scientists. Thanks to these grants, a researcher from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, Zuzana Kúkelová, Ph.D., will be able to fund her project New Generation of Algorithms for Solving Camera Geometry Problems over the next five years.

Dr. Kúkelová works at the Department of Cybernetics in the Visual Recognition Group, led by Prof. Jiří Matas. Thus, three winners of this prestigious award will be working at the CTU Faculty of Science. In 2020, they were awarded to Dr. Giorgios Tolias (also from the Visual Recognition Group of the Department of Cybernetics) and Assoc. Miloslav Čapek from the Department of Electromagnetic Fields.

The five-year projects with a budget of up to 25 million CZK aim to support the best budding scientists within 8 years of obtaining their Ph.D. They will be able to pursue their own scientific topics, but also to start their own research group. In the second year of the JUNIOR STAR competition, a total of 16 projects are recommended for funding out of a total of 315 submitted proposals. Half of the supported projects will be carried out from next year at the Czech Academy of Sciences, three at Masaryk University in Brno and two at the Czech Technical University in Prague. One project each at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and the University of Chemical Technology in Prague.

Of the sixteen highly selected projects, only one, by Dr. Zuzana Kúkelová, falls into the field of computer science. The second prize winner from CTU is Ing. Tomáš Fíla, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Transport with the project Dynamics of impacts using fast X-ray radiography and a flash X-ray source.

Further information about the JUNIOR STAR grants from the GA ČR can be found via the link https://gacr.cz/prestizni-granty-junior-star-ziska-16-zacinajicich-vedcu/