We have joined the geocahing game

On 21 August, a new virtual cache was planted at Dejvice Campus at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. It reminds us uniquely of the place where Czechoslovakia was connected to the Internet. It's advent helped to expand the global Geocaching game.

In August of last year, Groundspeak, the operator of Geocaching, has selected caches from around the world and 4,000 new virtual caches have been released (it was not possible to create this type of cache since 2005). As the name suggests, it is not a physical box, but one needs to visit the site and fulfill the cache´s task or condition the be able to log the finding. Usually its about taking a photo at the given place.

At present, there are only 110 of such virtual hides in the Czech Republic, of which only twelve are in Prague. Besides showing its rich history, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering wants to emphesise the fact that Geochacing is one of the almost fifty optional sports courses that students can take on.