CTU Drone Academy is opening

From March 5th, 2018 students from all parts of CTU in Prague can apply for CTU Drone Academy. This will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the newly renovated laboratory T2: H1-34. The capacity is limited, so do not hesitate. The goal of CTU Drone Academy is to provide students with an out-of-school activity focused on unmanned aerial vehicles. CTU Drone Academy includes not only practical piloting lessons but also competitions, interesting lectures on nowadays topics and much more. The lectures are open for public. Attendees will learn, for example to build and operate their own drones or gain an insight into the current technologies used.

CTU Drone Academy is intended for those interested, i.e. beginner or advanced pilots. More information is available on the page http://aerospace.fel.cvut.cz/droneacademy.