Bronze for our students in the Autonomous Racing Competition in Torino

The FEE student group won the 3rd place in the F1 / 10 Autonomous Racing Competition. The third year of this competition took place at the ES Week (Embedded Systems Week) 2018, Torino, Italy. The competition was attended by eight more teams - three teams from the USA, two from South Korea, two from Poland and one from Italy.

It was race of RC car models (in size 1/10) on a given racing circuit. The race ran individually, with the goal to complete as many circuits as possible in given time. The second criterion was the shortest time for one circuit.

The competition is "a battle of algorithms". The hardware of the teams should be the same (or similar) as possible, and the program should decide about the winner.

The team: Martin Vajnar, Jaroslav Klapálek, David Kopecký, Anders Pederson, Jan Bednář, Jiří Vlasák, Philippe Swartvagher, Jiří Zahory, Jan Skala, Petr Frantal, Jiří Kerner, Jiří Hubačka a Joel Matějka and the Head of the team prof. Zdeněk Hanzálek